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From flood, fire and earthquake damage, we will work to restore your property.

FAQ's about Earthquake Repairs

Can I live in my home during EQ repairs?

This depends on the extent of the damage caused and needs to be determined on a case by case basis.We will keep in close contact with you and or your insurance representative to help reduce the inconveniences to you and your family while we repair your home. 

What happens if you find damage that isn’t listed in the original scope of works?

We will notify you of the damage and provide a quoted repair methodology to apply for approval to proceed from either EQC or your insurance company. If the damage can be proven to be resulting from the quakes the additional repair work will easily be approved.

Can you do renovations on my home while you do earthquake repairs?

Yes, this is the benefit of opting out if you choose to manage your own repairs. Different insurance companies have different policies regarding “owners works”, so this needs to be discussed with your insurer. We’re happy to do renovations and repairs simultaneously to save you time and money. We do extensions, bathroom and kitchen renovations and more. Check out our renovation page here.


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